11 Tips for Yoga Beginners

How often do we figure a person doing the headstand against some picturesque backdrop and say ‘yoga is not for me’. You might want to revisit your thought once you go through the 11 unique tips for yoga beginners which yoga has to offer. Read them and find yourself doing yoga against a picturesque backdrop next time! Yoga for Beginners As ...

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Lose Weight with Yoga

Often we blame our genes for us being on the wrong side of the scale. Don’t we? But try giving it a second thought and you see will see that there is a lot in our hands. This article gives you an insight to weight loss with yoga and for those who are swearing by their weight and would look ...

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Yoga at Home

  9 Tips to Practice Yoga at Home Daily yoga practice at home can help you stay healthy, more productive, calm and happy all day. Besides, these benefits are not just for you to enjoy. Doing these practices at home will not only keep you happy but your family members too will be able to feel the positive energy and ...

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